Inner Reflections

By admin, March 30, 2017

When disturbing experiences happen, they are stored in the brain along with all the sights, sounds, thoughts, and feelings that accompany them. Moreover, when a person is very upset, the brain seems to be unable to process the experience as it would normally. As a result, the negative thoughts and feelings surrounding the traumatic event remain trapped in the person’s nervous system until they’re addressed.

Debbie Welsh of Inner Reflections Counselling Services specializes, among other things in EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.  Debbie works with the client, guiding them to revisit the traumatic incident or event. When the memory is brought to mind, the feelings are re-experienced in a new way.

We have revamped Debbie’s website and also helped with editing the website text so it’s clear, concise and web friendly.